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Turning Neighbors into Friends


Get There Easily

Receive special access to transportation options, need a person to help you walk to a klaatch? Driver to a klaatch?


We believe that real connections begin with real people

Get to know new people  through facilitated events with others who share  your passions, interests, and experiences


Convenient and Close to Home

Enjoy the comfort and convenience  of friendship in your neighborhood.

Because of our unique focus on connecting members with friends in their local area, Klaatch creates communities in the places you already know and love, allowing you to stay close to home while enjoying the interaction and new possibilities.


Join the conversation

With Klaatch you  will meet 5-8 other people for activities and short and engaging conversation starters and icebreakers. Klaatch connections can then enrich the activities and hobbies you already enjoy.


Turn your neighbors into friends…

We help you expand your social circle by introducing you to neighbors with shared interests, passions and experiences, for engaging conversations.