What Klaatch Members are Saying 

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Stepping Outside My Bubble

“I really like being a part of Klaatch. It’s opened a door for me, allowing me to step outside of my little bubble of a world and be creative and less a hermit of habit. I really don’t like being so alone. Klaatch allows me to meet people of all walks of life. Some widows like me, others married or just looking for friends to have fun with. I feel like I’m growing and I know that everything is going to be alright.”

– Elaine, 58

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Rooting For My Team

“I used to be married. I'm not looking for romance, I just want to get together with some other men to talk about last night’s game…it’s one thing to read the sports page, it’s another to talk about it! Before I discovered Klaatch there really wasn't anything out there which could help me find other guys who interested in the same things I am.”

– Tim, 56

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No Longer Invisible

“I’m so grateful for Klaatch and the opportunity to talk to real people. People my age can feel pretty invisible. It’s wonderful to get out and be seen, to be listened to and not feel like you have to cram yourself into a mold that doesn’t fit.”

– Mary, 83

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Band of Brothers

“Because it’s a service and not a website, Klaatch is a really amazing way to meet people. I didn’t feel vulnerable to scammers. I honestly signed up to Klaatch to look for neighborhood get togethers, conversation and maybe someone to spend the holidays with now that my kids are out in Texas. What I found was more than the occasional pal, but a band of brothers like I haven’t had since I was in the service.”

– Dennis, 74

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Turning Back the Clock

“Meeting these girls (through Klaatch) has turned back the clock and brought me back to my youth. I have re-discovered what I loved most about being a girl and hanging out with my friends … only without the angst and self-esteem issues that haunted me when I was a teenager! Thanks to Klaatch I’ve found JOY. What more could anyone want? Klaatch has changed my life. “

– Ruth, 72

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Supporting Families

“My Mom loves living in the home she raised us in and is still physically capable of being on her own. But I didn’t want her to be alone and found myself worrying about her after we moved out. She was isolated, with lots of her friends moving away and church only once a week. Klaatch gave her the opportunity to meet people in her neighborhood and gave us the peace of mind that she was building a new, supportive community of friends who make her golden years the best of her life.”

– Amanda, 42